Creative Minds Foundation

Scientia cum arte vincit teneberas - Knowledge with arts conquers darkness

The Nkisi Schools

Dr. and Mrs. E.O. Omanukwue (founders)Creative Minds Foundation (C.M.F.) is a socio/philanthropic organization set up in May 1989 by Dr. E.O. Omanukwue and Mrs. A.C. Omanukwue − De Man. It was incorporated under the land perpetual succession Act Cap 98 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 1990.  Concerned by the deteriorating quality of education in this part of Nigeria, Creative Minds Foundation set up the Nkisi Comprehensive Schools with 25 children admitted in the nursery/primary in 1989 at 66 Niger Drive G.R.A. Onitsha.

In January 1990 Creative Minds Foundation moved the Nkisi Comprehensive Schools to Nr. 6 Park Road, G.R.A., Onitsha until July 2017, after which it moved to its present location at Nr. 1 Okolo Street / Nkisi-Otuocha Road, Oyolu Oze-Nkwelle Upper 3-3 junction, Oyi L.G.A., Anambra State, Nigeria.

Dr. & Mrs. E.O. Omanukwue are the first Trustees of the foundation. Creative Minds Foundation is also under the Trusteeship of Creative Minds Limited.

The Nkisi Comprehensive Schools are made up of the kindergarten/nursery or pre-school (between one and a half years and 5 years), the primary school (between 5 years and 11 years) and secondary school (between 11 years and 17 years). This means that children, who are admitted into Creative Minds Foundation from the tender age of about one and half, are programmed to pass through the three stages until they are seventeen years of age or thereabout after successful completion of their senior secondary education. The classes in nursery, primary and secondary schools are arranged according to individual performance and I.Q.

Nr. 1 Okolo Street /
Nkisi-Otuocha Road
Oyolu Oze-Nkwelle
Upper 3-3 junction
Oyi L.G.A.
Anambra State