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Scientia cum arte vincit teneberas - Knowledge with arts conquers darkness


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A Brief History
compoundCreative Minds Foundation was born out of the concern by few parents to give their children formal genuine education - intellectual and moral training. Dr. E.O. Omanukwue and Mrs. A.C. Omanukwue - De Man promoted and executed this noble idea. Since there was no available location yet, the school took off on the 2nd October 1989 in Dr. Omanukwue's residence at N0 66 Niger Drive. There were 25 children: 4 in the Nursery, 5 in Primary One, 2 in Primary Two, 8 in Primary Three, 3 in Primary Four and 3 in Primary Five. One classroom was in the dining, one in the parlour, one in the laundry and two on the balcony. Every morning after breakfast the house was swiftly converted into a school. There were 5 teachers and the children felt happy due to the personal attention given to each and everyone of them. After a month or so, we approached late Justice Moses O. Balonwu who gave us on lease, the beautiful premises in Park Road to use for the school. It was like a gift straight from heaven. We still fondly remember the late Justice for his magnanimity and love for children. While other landlords were saying: "Not for school, Children of this generation are too destructive!" he simply said: "Let the children come to me!" And they did come, in hundreds! And they did not destroy. Instead, they brought beautiful plants and flowers to add to the beauty of the compound. May the soul of the late Judge rest in perfect peace. So, by January 1990, the school took off in the compound at Park Road, in the little bungalow at the back. By the end of January the number of children had risen well above 100, and Mrs. A.C. Omanukwue decided to resign from her post as vice-principal in Ado Girls and from her newly offered appointment as vice-principal of Queen of the Rosary College (Q.R.C.) Onitsha. The population could no longer be contained within the bungalow. Nursery Morning AssemblyThe caretaker's garage and some boys quarters rooms had to be used awaiting the departure of the German contractors for ASESA, who were occupying the main buildings. I remember the name of one of those Germans was Mr. Rauschenberger, but the children innocently called him 'Russian Beggar'. It was a tense period because we were not sure when the Germans were going to move out. And parents were worried, asking us questions that we found difficult to answer. Finally, ASESA vacated and we had the whole compound for ourselves, together with Mrs. R. Ochai, our dear friend and colleague, who kept on managing her Nursery school. As the school grew, it became more popular, and many teachers came to look for job. Before, it was us that had to scout for them, sometimes in remote areas. Now we had the choice. And we just selected the best we could. Of course the approval was a very easy thing. We did not need to bribe anybody because the facilities available were obviously up to the required standard. Our children started taking part in the public exams from very young ages and obtained wonderful results. In 1991 the time was ripe for a secondary section. This section was initially housed in the Primary School compound, until Engr. Chukwudebe offered us the lease of his spacious compound at Nkisi Aroli, just opposite St. Charles football field. secondary studentsSoon the Secondary school obtained its formal approval from the Anambra State Ministry of Education, after the historic visit of the then Honourable Commissioner of education Mrs. V.V.I. Okoye, who was highly impressed with the academic standard and the equipment already available in the school. In 1993 our students sat for the J.S.S.C. exam and got 100% overall passes. In 1994 they did not only pass, but moreover obtained more credits than passes (over 50% ) and many A's (30% A's in Mathematics!!) This made it clear to everybody that the school could easily measure up and even surpass any Federal Government College or Special Science school. It gave parents and students the confidence that the sky is our limit and that the G.C.E. and S.S.C.E. results would surely give us the same satisfaction. As we were struggling to bring our students up academically, we were equally fighting to improve the level of order and discipline. In a town like Onitsha, the Sodom and Gomorrah of our days, this is an even more difficult task. I must say that God helped us a lot by sending us educationists of high moral and intellectual standard.  We were so lucky to receive Mrs. Laura Agusiobo as our Primary section Headmistress, and later Mr. V.A.C. Chukwurah and Mr. A.J.D. Ibeziako as our Secondary section Principal, and Supervising Principal respectively. Their experience, their in depth knowledge of the teaching profession and their dedication to duty, helped immensely to bring the school to its present intellectual and moral standard. We thank our teachers, especially those who have been loyal to us for many years, Miss Ngozi Ekeh (pioneer teacher), Miss Grace Umerie and Miss Mary-Rose Obiakor. We especially thank our dedicated and tireless supervisor Mrs. Vieshka Nnoli. Secondary School Staff (1994)We thank our pioneer parents, Dr. and Mrs. Chuba Okoye, Dr. and Mrs. Obi Ifeobu, Mr. and Mrs. Olikeze (of Kezz Foundation School Onitsha) and Mr. Okonkwo(of Mark and Martha School Onitsha), who had strong faith in us and gave us the confidence we needed to succeed. We thank all the parents who criticize us to change for the better, and those who really show appreciation and give us the spirit to continue the struggle, Mrs. Egonu, Mrs. Ilodibe, Mrs. Obiakor, Mrs. Onwuasoigwe, Mrs. Agbasimelo, and Mrs. Mazeli. Etc. Of course we thank our relations and friends in Nigeria and Belgium without whose financial and moral support we may not have had the courage and the strength to sustain. Finally, we thank our little and big children, who in their innocent and happy smiles, seem to tell us "Yes! Look at us. You can see, God is there!"   


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